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What is the MOScholars Tax Credit?

Turn your tax liability into an investment for
the private education of Missouri students.

The Missouri Legislature created the MOScholars scholarship program in 2021. The program can provide up to $6,375 each year to support private education for low-income and IEP students. Families can use these funds to create a customized educational experience that meets their children's unique needs.

These scholarships will be funded through the MOScholars tax credit,
a 100% tax credit for donors who want to support private education.


How it works:



Donor visits the State of Missouri tax reservation credit site and receives a confirmation


Within 30 days, the donor submits the donation to Herzog Tomorrow


Herzog Tomorrow submits the confirmation, along with proof of donation to the State Treasurer's Office


State Treasurer's Office processes the tax credit, then sends the tax receipt to Herzog Tomorrow to forward to donor


Donor uses the tax credits against taxes owed to the Missouri Department of Revenue

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Your tax credit donation transforms into scholarships for Missouri students

How do I know how much to reserve?


For Individuals:

Look at your 2022 Missouri State Tax Return Box 36 for what you paid last year in Missouri taxes.
  • As an estimate for this year, you can make your tax reservation up to 50% of what you owed last year.

For Business Owners:

Pay estimated quarterly tax payments to the State of Missouri.
  • Two of those estimated quarterly tax payment would be 50% of what they owe the State this year, you can make your reservation in that amount.

Have questions or want to learn more about the program? 

Contact our scholarship coordinator, Mayela Esser!

Ready to help? 

If you have not already reserved your tax credits with the State Treasurer’s Office,
please visit the state tax portal! 


How to donate: 


Via check: 
Herzog Tomorrow Foundation 
PO Box 128
Trimble, MO 64492